Why us

Healthcare Solutions Direct simplifies the Medicare process with a simple explanation and the ability to maximize coverage at the lowest cost

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Mission Statement

“We are committed to providing expert support to Medicare Beneficiaries by simplifying the Medicare process from start to finish, ensuring that the RIGHT coverage is provided to each client.”

Healthcare Solutions Direct wants the best for our clients and those who work for us because we understand the Medicare Supplement market can seem very confusing and overwhelming. We are committed to make the process very simple and easy to understand. When you succeed, we succeed together.

Here is what you can expect

We work with and represent the most trusted insurance providers in the United States, which allows us to best serve your health insurance needs. We owe our company’s growth and success to our people who take the time every day to get to know what is most important about you and your coverage options. We are dedicated to walk you through every step of the Medicare process so you get everything you need for your coverage. Here is what you can expect:

Medicare is as Simple As 1-2-3

Our company was founded with a simple mission to make Medicare and its choices easy to understand. This became our company tag line SIMPLE AS 1-2-3. We accomplish this mission by creating content that educates you on the 4 Parts of Medicare. This will help to better inform you as to what plan is best for your needs. We feel a better-informed client makes for a lifelong relationship. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Meet Our Founders

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Gregory Gurbikian

Co-Founder and President/CEO

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Eddie Elsner

Co-founder and Managing Partner