Who Can Help Me Choose A Medicare Plan?

August 2, 2021
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Between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medigap, you have a lot of Medicare plans to choose from. How do you even start? And, when it comes time to make a decision, who can help?


At the end of the day, your choice for a Medicare plan is up to you. Knowing your options is the best first step you can take to choosing a Medicare plan.

Your first option is Original Medicare, which includes Part A and Part B. These plans, however, are less of an option, and more of the standard Medicare coverage you may already be familiar with. If not, these plans provide you with inpatient and outpatient coverage.

Next is Medicare Advantage, or Part C. If you choose one of these plans, it will “replace” your Original Medicare, but provide all of the same benefits, as well as care-coordination to reduce your overall out-of-pocket costs. It will also more than likely cover prescription drugs.

Part D provides prescription drug coverage, and can be purchased alongside Original Medicare, or included in Part C. 

Finally, Medicare Supplements, or Medigap, provides coverage for a number of Original Medicare costs, including premiums, deductibles, copayments, and more.

Medicare Itself

Medicare provides a 24/7 hotline for any and all individuals with questions about, well, Medicare. Once again, this is a great place to get started and gain a base-level understanding of Medicare. Just remember, this hotline is mostly limited to just Original Medicare, not additional coverage options.

You can also call the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). If you are or think you may be eligible for dual-enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid, this hotline is one of your best options.

An Insurance Agency

Finding the right insurance agency to contact may also be more helpful than you think. Rather than insurance companies themselves, agencies work with a number of providers to give you a better overview of your options. They can provide information on different plans if you have not yet chosen one. Or, if you have a plan in mind but need to choose a provider, they are especially helpful–their goal is to find you a plan that seems to have been made for you.

Choose the Right Coverage with Our Help

Healthcare Solutions Direct can help you choose a Medicare plan from start to finish. We will see you through the whole process, and make sure that you come out on the other side happier, more confident, and more knowledgeable than before. To learn more, reach out to us today.

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