Thanks Greg,

It is very rare to have such great customer service. Greg, I would love to have others know that in this day when customer service is fading fast…that you still believe that the person to person relationship is important. I get calls every day soliciting me for Medicare supplement. And I have to tell you that when I say that I have Mutual of Omaha Plan G…they say: oh…that plan is better than I can offer. Just had one this morning. So even your competitors know you have the best plan. And then to have a REAL person to talk with is so helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so accessible and helpful.

Take care,


Houston, TX


In my quest to sign up for Medicare, NO ONE made it more easy and logically explained everything to me than you did.  It was really quite agonizing in speaking with other specialist and still totally left me in the dark after speaking with them. Your clear explanations to my questions and filling me in on the best plans to select gave me a comfort level of trust and a big sigh of relief when we finished. Thanks again for all your help.



Chicago, IL

Thank you for all you’ve done today. I did not expect to say this, but it really was a very positive experience to work with all of y’all over the past few days. I was dreading the process of signing up for another plan this year. I am now very comfortable that we have signed up for what we will really need as we approach our “senior years.” Thank you again.

William and Margaret

Littleton, NC

Thank you so much for the time you spent explaining Medicare and Supplements to me. It was nice to speak to someone that actually knew what they were speaking about in detail. I’ve received so much mail on the subject that it has become confusing and redundant in nature. Now I feel with Tom’s help I can make confident decisions and go forward with into the Medicare system.

Karen Lynd

Boerne, TX

Dear Mark,

This is a follow-up to our recent conversations.  I just wanted to again say THANK YOU for all the help you provided Barb and me in obtaining supplemental Medicare Insurance.  As you know, our story was one of many twists and turns.  You know because you devoted the time to listen and to understand the complexities of our situation.  And where others turned a deaf ear to us, you provided us with suggestions and a solution that helped us obtain the insurance we were seeking.

We are grateful for all your assistance.

Andy and Barbara

Fountain Hills, AZ


My name is Janet and I recently turned 65 and was a bit confused with Medicare Insurance. I was told that a particular Insurance Company was reliable so I enrolled in their Medicare Supplement and Rx Program. I received a phone call from Greg Gurbikian who gave me information about what his company offers. He took the time to explain everything to me so I could make an educated decision which Plan would be advantageous for my individual needs. I’ve lived a long time and not many professional people have treated me with such kindness, patience, empathy and honesty. I trust him 100% now to take care of my Medicare needs. The difference between Greg and the representatives at the other Insurance Company is like night and day. He made SURE I understood everything by taking notes and spending time explaining the program explicitly for my needs. I thank him dearly for erasing that worry and stress from my life. You know we’re all human beings fighting for our lives sometimes and when a stranger goes out of his way to take your hand and lead you in the right direction, it’s a Godsend, business or no business. I feel blessed to have found Greg.

Thank you,


Stanhope, NJ


My name is Pat and right before I turned 65 I was inundated with phone calls and postal mail regarding Medicare. I became so overwhelmed and confused that I couldn’t make sense of any of it. Then along came Greg. He actually spent 2 hours with me explaining the difference between a Medicare Supplemental Plan and an Advantage plan. He had me make notes so that I had it all straight in my head. I originally was leaning towards Blue Cross Blue Shield but once Greg rolled out the Mutual of Omaha program, I knew it was the way to go to fit my needs. Greg set me up in the Part G plan. Then it came to Part D coverage and he directed me on how to get that taken care of as well. As I’ve been on Medicare for 2 years now, the rates of both programs changed and Greg worked with me to be able to retain my coverage at the still very affordable premiums. I had a very pleasant surprise this year where Mutual of Omaha actually lowered my rate automatically by $10 a month!!! I am so happy that Greg helped me make the right decision.

Working with Greg for my Medicare needs has been very rewarding for me because I trust him. I know he’s not going to sell me something I really don’t need and he takes the time and the patience to answer all questions and explain any of my concerns. It has been a privilege to use Greg as my Medicare specialist. If anyone has any questions regarding Medicare or any other healthcare plans, I recommend Greg highly. You will not be disappointed.


Memphis, TN

Why use HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS DIRECT? A prime example below of a customer testimonial because of teamwork within our office. Evan had helped Nancy with a Medicare Supplement. Our underwriting manager Eddie (who is also a licensed Medicare Specialist) called within 24 hours to let her know that she was approved and helped answer any remaining questions. Our office has a dedicated staff always here to make sure that our customers are treated with the utmost respect and attention. Please see below:


Just wanted to thank you again.The day I got the phone call from Eddie I was on the computer trying to navigate the Medicare web page. I am quite skeptical of phone calls right now because there are so many for people of my age.

Eddie was great! He emailed me copies of Medicare supplement plans and then reviewed them with me while we were on the phone. I have no idea how long we spoke but he showed infinite patience answering all my questions. He made everything so easy and I was enrolled in my supplement in less than 24 hours.

My husband and I are both receiving a discount from our supplement carrier because of the information you provided. I have already recommended you to friends and family. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have someone give me help I needed.

Thank you so much.


Sapulpa, OK

My name is Jeannette.

I asked Gregory Gurbikian to send me the names and email addresses of his boss and/or manager(s) because I would like the opportunity to tell someone my story about him.

My husband (Robert) and I both turn 65 this month. As I am sure you all know, our phone and mail box have been flooded with Medicare information and sales info on supplements and Advantage plans for the past year. We did our homework, lots of extensive research, and we had made up our minds by April. We felt confident that we had made a well informed decision so we stopped taking phone calls about supplements because, as you can imagine, the deluge of calls became very annoying.

Then came Greg! For some reason, his approach got him past our normal quick hang up. To make a long story short, we ended up listening to him and he moved us to a new plan (plan G (which no one had told us about) instead of Plan F. Plan F was good but Plan G is brilliant. Introducing the new twist of Plan G is what kept me from hanging up on him initially, and Greg’s approach is the difference that eventually sold us on Plan G and Mutual of Omaha!

Also, we were going with United Healthcare for our supplement because that is the insurance we currently had with Rob’s employer so it was tried and true. There is always uncertainty in change so moving us to plan G was the easy part compared to convincing us to trust our old age healthcare to Mutual of Omaha that we knew nothing about. Greg was amazing! He patiently addressed our resistance and completely sold us on Mutual of Omaha.

And so, after a lot of work and persistence on Greg’s part, we bought Plan G through Mutual of Omaha and Greg signed us up.

That makes Greg an excellent sales person story but what followed impressed us even more. Greg’ sense of Customer Service is outstanding! Medicare and our Plan G supplement kicked in for us on Sept 1 and we had a few questions. Greg had told us to call or email him anytime. Once the sale was complete, we had our doubts but we emailed our questions to him. He responded within the hour! We had a second set of questions the next day and the same thing happened. He responded promptly and he gave us clear straightforward answers. Greg is always cheerful, friendly and VERY knowledgeable which makes us feel comfortable and confident that we made a good decision with Plan G and especially Mutual of Omaha.

Thank you for having such outstanding people. People like Greg Gurbikian are a testament to the quality of the company and we feel confident that Mutual of Omaha is excellent.


Rob and Jeannette

Fountain Hills, AZ