Clearing Up the Medicare Myths

According to ObamaCareFacts.com There are lots of myths out there about Seniors and their Medicare health insurance. Let’s debunk some of the common myths about Medicare based Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act:

ObamaCare Means Medicare is Over

ObamaCare replacing Medicare is a myth. ObamaCare does not replace Medicare or Medicare Advantage, although it does reform some of the wasteful spending and other issues that were negatively affecting seniors. Everyone on Medicare or soon to be on Medicare, or to be on Medicare a decade from now will get Medicare.

In fact, certain features of the ACA protect Medicare benefits in new ways according to Nicole Duritz, AARP’s vice president for Health Education and Outreach.

To Comply With ACA Seniors Must Buy More Health Insurance

Seniors with Medicare do not have to purchase any other type of health insurance. Medicare is a recognized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. If you have Medicare then you are in compliance. This groundless story came about from the Mandate. However, time the Exchanges open overlaps with Medicare open enrollment. Medicare policy owners may switch from traditional Medicare-to-Medicare Advantage and have the right to change their prescription coverage plans. However, the Exchanges do not deal with any Medicare changes. And there is no requirement for Medicare insured to make any changes.

Medicare Will Cost More

This is a half-truth.  Premiums are set to rise, as they did historically for individuals who earn more than $85,000 or couples with incomes in excess of $170,000. This is existing law and ObamaCare has nothing to do with it. Part B premiums for the more affluent will continue to be higher than for other income groups.